“Danny’s team delivered a combination of compelling writing with a fresh perspective in design... The work has been so impactful on changing perception, it has been translated in all regions of the world.”
— SVP, Integrated Marketing Communications, Pitney Bowes

What problem can I solve for you?


It's not enough to have a cool idea for a TV spot. You need to consider every facet, from the logo to the corporate campaign, from investor relations to recruitment, from the U.S. to every corner of the globe. I've done that time and again for iconic companies like IBM, AmEx, Chevron, Chase and AT&T.

For decades, I have been helping tell the stories of the world's leading brands. My focus has been broad umbrella concepts that tie disparate parts of a brand together. You can see some examples below.

A new way of working. After rising from junior copywriter to Chief Creative Officer, I have moved to operate outside of the traditional agency structure. Helping to build some wonderful agencies was great — but now I focus my efforts just on building my clients' business. 

I have assembled a virtual SWAT team of smart, experienced professionals — designers, producers, and directors — and we focus on corporate communications,  on interactive and social projects, videos, speeches, annual reports and much more. We can handle all aspects of the process without the overhead and bureaucracy of a traditional agency.   

I would love to work with you and your company as a skilled strategist and problem solver, an award-winning writer and a proven executive. Give me your toughest nut and let's crack it.