Chevron: How a big idea defines a brand. Around the world. In many situations. For years.

Establishing common ground. Chevron is one of the largest companies in America but its values and role in our economy were sorely misunderstood. The "We Agree" campaign is rooted in the very language and imagery of the protests lodged against oil companies and big corporations and turning it around. The work shows the common ground that exists in this crucial area, ground that communities, economies, and the future can be built upon.

This case study video summarizes the ambition and success of the campaign:

The TV is very real, using real citizens and real Chevron employees, shot in a simple and direct way. It's a small step from the aesthetic of a video blog. The two people speak with passion and concern, their words interweaving, demonstrating how surprisingly  much they have in common. And we're not afraid to tackle tough subjects very directly. I produced dozens of these spots, in multiple languages, for use in the Middle East, Angola, Indonesia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Eastern Europe.

I worked on Chevron for several years, overseeing the brand worldwide — but also events, recruitment, sponsorships, internal messaging, investor relations, and more.


JP Morgan Chase: How a big idea defines a brand. Around the world. In many situations. For years.

After the financial crisis, TARP, and plunging public opinion, I used a combination of emotion, values, and facts to help transform my work on JPMorgan Chase from a culprit and a basket-case into a key part of rebuilding the American economy.

Emotion and values: Here’s a spot I did that ran exclusively on Thanksgiving Day. It engendered enormous good will and attention.

Content and values: We also launched a campaign to explain what the bank's role was in helping reverse the Great Recession. We create weekly print updates and a robust website that detailed how the bank was helping invest in and restore communities and businesses across the nation. Here's one of several spots we made:

Employees and values: We made this film to explain the role and values of the bank to one of its most crucial targets: its employees.

This is from an earlier campaign I did when banks could afford to be less defensive. The strategy is basically the same however:  explain how JPMC serves society.

JP Morgan: Establishing a global brand.

After a string of mergers, JP Morgan's brand was unfocussed. And in certain markets, it was essentially unknown. In this video you will see  how our campaign used outdoor, print, and the web to sharpen the brand and establish the bank on the global stage.

Chase cards and retail: Building an iconic brand and all its sub-brands.

For eight years, I managed the complete relaunch of the Chase brand that turned it from a regional player into America’s biggest bank. We redesigned the logo, the branches, and the credit cards. We launched products and online presence, then oversaw several major mergers and the rollout of the brand nationwide. Our work for Chase is emotional — sometimes it’s designed to make you laugh, some times to put a lump in your throat. Either way it worked.  Here are a few of my favorite spots:


Viagra: Rethinking manhood.

We repositioned Viagra from something to snicker about to an insightful brand that celebrates men in their prime. Sure, it's pharma. But it'll make you think again. Here's the case study:

And, speaking of taking action, how can I help you? My colleagues and I are ready to tackle any challenge you throw at us  — so ......


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